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Multiflex chains

Agknx multiflex chains are distinguished by their high mobility in both horizontal and vertical bends. These extremely versatile plastic chains are renowned for their superior fatigue resistance on conveyor systems with bends. Multiflex chains are typically used in production applications in the automotive industry, the automation and packaging sectors, and the food industry.

The Agknx SafeTop chain is a multiflex chain that remains completely enclosed in both vertical and horizontal bends. This not only reduces the danger of crushing in bends or where conveyors change direction, but also provides maximum stability for products and workpiece carrier systems. The special surface also allows extremely small items to be conveyed without risk of loss or damage. Besides the enclosed geometry of the SafeTop chain, a range of open-geometry chains with gimbal joints is also available (1700 Series).



The Multiflex Conveyors are designed to carry products in straight level sections, inclining or declining sections, and around curves. The grid belt consists of a stainless steel wire grid connected to a Zink plated center roller chain. Hi-friction top plastic belt is required where steep inclines or declines are required.

This conveyor can be either floor or ceiling mounted, and can be complemented with casters for mobility.

Multiflex chains

These chains use a unique pivot to connect the hinge pin with the chain link. In standard side- flexing chains the pin and hinge have to deal with horizontal rotation, due to the sideflexing of the chain in the curve, and with vertical rotation of the hinge, when moving over the sprocket. The pivot uncouples these movements, as the hinge pin is only involved in the rotations because of the chain links moving over the sprocket. The pivot can rotate inside the chain link, allowing sideflexing in a curve. Due to the pivot, multiflex chains are ideally suitable for running through multiple curves.


We Design Productive Mult-Flex ChainConveyors To Help Build Your Business.

Agknx Conveyor offers a variety of conveyor styles utilizing the multi-flex chains. The multi-flex chains are designed for tight radius turns, and multiple incline/declines making it ideally suited for alpine applications. Multiple strands of multiflex chain can be used in designing case handling and other unique conveyors.


Multi-flex Chain Conveyor

Open modular frame construction and non-powered disc turns makes this an economical alternative to tabletop chain conveyors. The tight radius is obtained by using non-powered turning discs to guide the chains through the turns. Minimum Turning Disc size is 5″ and 10″ radius discs. Multi-flex chain conveyors are ideal for conveying long distances with multiple elevation changes.


Dual Strand Multi-flex Chain Conveyor

Multi-strand flex chain conveyors can be used for empty case handling applications and other applications with special handling requirements.

All Multi-Flex Chain Conveyors are available in mild steel painted and stainless steel construction. Single lane conveyors use a modular open frame construction; multi-lane conveyors use a UHMW track construction. The conveyors are available with all the standard side rail styles.

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