Multiflex Chain 1702 with Pushers, Plastic Chain



The plastic multiflex chain is made for box conveyors, spiral conveyors, and small radius curves, typically used for food cans, glasswork, milk cartons, and bakery applications.


Max speed: 90M Lubricant(suggestion)
45M Dryness
Packing: 1M=20PCS
The longest distance=24M
Min curve radius: 150mm
Pin Material: Stainless Steel
Standard length: 3.05M=10feet(61links)
L-type pushers with no possibility of product accumulation

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Chain Type Plate Width Weight Sideflex Radius(min) Working Load(max) Back flex Radius(min)
mm KG/M mm N(21ºC) mm
1702L 53.2 1.55 150 2670 50


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